Alternatives To Conflict, LLC

Carolyn R. Rodenberg, Founder and Owner

Dealing With Differences In A New Way!

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Finding harmony and balance is well worth the risk and hard work!

  Conflict is a part of life - whether it be in business relationships or marriage.  Conflict can also lead to hostility, discord, and oftentimes complete dissolution.  But it need not be that way.

Alternatives To Conflict specializes in facilitation, negotiation, and communication techniques that focus on resolving differences.  Alternatives to Conflict provides a way out of the darkness of hostility and animosity through mediation, one on one coaching, teambuilding, leadership development and workshops in conflict resolution.

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Vision Statement
Meeting client needs and expectations with responsive professionalism reflecting respect, integrity, fairness and confidentiality.
Mission Statement
We coach and consult with individuals and business teams to help them develop goals, strategies and processes for improved communication, productivity, and more meaningful personal and working relationships.